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Our idea

Biotrem’s wheat bran tableware production process was invented by Mr. Jerzy Wysocki, whose family’s milling traditions date back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Biotrem’s modern and booming production facility offers a wide range of fully biodegradable tableware and cutlery produced from natural and edible wheat bran.


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Our technologies are protected by numerous international patents.

We design and develop – in cooperation with many Polish R&D centers – enginery used in our manufacturing facility.

Clean, environmentally friendly technological process of manufacturing of disposable wheat bran tableware is based on natural raw materials – wheat bran and small amounts of water. The rest is done by high pressure and high temperature.


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Biotrem’s disposable products, made from wheat bran, are an excellent alternative to most disposable tableware, i.e. made from paper or plastic, the production and utilisation of which is burdensome to the environment.

Our production process does not require significant amounts of water, or mineral resources, or chemical compounds. From 1 ton of pure, edible wheat bran we can produce up to 10,000 units of plates or bowls.

What’s more important, our products are fully biodegradable – through composting – in just 30 days!



Biotrem’s disposable wheat bran tableware is suitable for serving hot and cold meals. It can be safely used in classic ovens or microwave ovens.

Our products are robust and stable – you can comfortably and safely use them at home, on a picnic, in the bar, during the open-air even or in the restaurant.

Since our plates and bowls are made from clean edible wheat bran, you can safely bite them.


Biotrem’s current production line’s performance is estimated at approx. 15 million pieces of biodegradable disposable plates or bowls a year.

Our modern production plant in Zambrow – located in an ecologically clean, traditionally agricultural region of Poland – have a permanent access to high quality, GMO free, raw material.

Standardization and reproducibility of the production process guarantees an easy and rapid reaction to the growing market demands.

Our offer

Biotrem’s current offer includes a full range of disposable and biodegradable wheat bran tableware products: 28cm, 24cm, 20cm diameter plates; 20cm diameter bowl; 24x16cm oval bowl.

We also offer cutlery made from mix of fully biodegradable PLA bio-plastic and wheat bran.

Upon an individual order we can design, manufacture, and deliver products in any size and shape (max. diameter 28cm) with custom branding.

Plate 28cm (11in)

For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran only. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.


Plate 24cm (9,4in)

For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran only. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.


Plate 20cm (7,9in)

For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran only. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.


Bowl 20cm (7,9in)

For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran only. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.


Oval bowl 24x16cm (9,4x6,3in)

For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran only. We don’t use any artificial ingredients.



For the production purposes we use natural wheat bran and biodegradable PLA plastic.


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